Biomedical Material Design & Testing

Implanted neural stimulation and recording electrodes are prone to failure from biological, mechanical, and electrical mechanisms. Our lab is looking at novel material coatings, substrates, and electrode architectures that may increase electrode robustness, performance, and longevity.

Injectable Electrodes

In collaboration with Dr. Kip Ludwig (Wisconsin), Dr. Doug Weber (Carnegie Mellon), and Neuronoff Inc. (Cleveland), we are investigating the use of an injectable electrode, coined Injectrode(TM) to minimize surgical trauma, reducing the barrier for patients and physicians to adopt neuromodulation.

Resorbable Electrodes

Using KISS principles, we are seeking to develop fully resorbable stimulation electrodes to enable transient application of neuromodulation, where permanent devices may not be desirable.

Biocompatibility, Tissue Response

Together with Dr. Jeff Capadona's lab (Case Western), we have established a Center for evaluating the tissue response to implanted neural devices. In addition to routine histology and immunohistochemistry techniques, we are now looking at proteomics, transcriptomics, and multi-photon imaging.

Neural Engineering

The nervous system is one of the most important ‘highway’ systems in our bodies, transmitting and processing sensory and motor information with high speed and precision. When this ‘highway’ or its processing centers are somehow damaged or otherwise affected by pathologies, it can have debilitating effects. Neural Engineering seeks to understand, interface with, and improve the function of the nervous system after injury.

Imaging of Neural Structures

Funded by the NIH SPARC program, in collaboration with Dr. Kip Ludwig (Wisconsin) and Dr. Warren Grill (Duke), we are investigating the anatomical organization of autonomic nerves to maximize neuromodulatory stimulation treatments.

Ultrasound-Guided Procedure Development

We use ultrasound (including high frequency) to identify and target the peripheral nerves. We are in the preliminary stages of a project to develop a novel contrast agent to enhance peripheral nerve visualization.

Targeted Drug Delivery

We have an active collaboration between Dr. Anirban Sen Gupta (Case Western), Haima Therapeutics (Cleveland), and our lab, funded by the Veterans Health Administration to study a platelet-inspired drug-delivery approach to reduce neuroinflammation in the brain after microelectrode implantation.