Andrew Shoffstall, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, BME

Danny Lam

Ph.D. Candidate, BME

My research focus is improving the overall neural interface through novel methods. My current projects include investigating selective nanoparticle delivery to curb cortical implant-induced neuroinflammation, characterizing minimally-invasive injectable electrodes for peripheral neuromodulation, and developing resorbable bioelectronics for transient neural interfacing.

Kevin Yang

Ph.D. Candidate, BME

I study ...

Longshun Li

Ph.D Candidate, BME

Aniruddha Upadhye

M.S., Ph.D. Candidate, BME

I study fascicular anatomy of the human vagus nerves using Micro CT. My research on fascicle dynamics (Vagotopy) provides insight on how these morphological changes impact electroceutical efficacy and can provide improved nerve models for simulation and can contribute to more targeted electrode cuff designs for interfacing

Dhariyat Menendez

Lab Manager, Pre-PhD Student

Derrick Liu

MS Candidate

Ozge Buyukcelik

MS Candidate

Kenneth Stamper

MD Candidate

My project is focused on understanding the relationship between electrical stimulation and bone regeneration following orthopedic surgery/injury. I am also looking to examine the clinical application of an injectable electrode in promoting osteogenesis following orthopedic surgery

Costa Tsiptsis

MS Candidate

Liam Giger

MS Candidate

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Shyam Polaconda

Ansh Bhatia

Justin Chin

Rachel LeBlanc

Fayez Syed

Alyssa Usab

Anna Pogharian

Will Woodfint

Anna Lauricella

Anisha Javadekar

Elizabeth Fielding

Charlotte Brunkalla

Jamie Wang

Cindy Gao

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  • Maddie Lindeman, BS/MS MechE (Biomedical Device Industry)

  • Marina Yu, BS (NSF GRFP Recipient!)

  • Luna Al Lababidi, BS (Medical School)

  • Kevin Malerick, BS (Medical School)

  • Lindsay Druschel, BS (Graduate School)

  • Carmen Toth, BS