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Like the rest of the world, we are all working a combination of virtual, in-person, and over Zoom.

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Recent News

Manuscript Accepted (with Ludwig Lab): Congratulations Megan! Settell et al "Functional vagotopy in the cervical vagus nerve of the domestic pig: implications for the study of vagus nerves stimulation" Journal of Neural Engineering

August 2021

Manuscript Accepted (with Weber lab): Congratulations Ashley and Jordyn! Dalrymple et al "Recruitment of Primary Afferents by Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation using the Injectrode

May 2021

Manuscript Accepted (with Wilson, Jenkins labs): Congratulations Chaitanya! Kolluru et al "3D Imaging of the vagus nerve fascicular anatomy with cryo-imaging and UV excitation"

March 2021

Manuscript Submitted (with Ludwig lab): Congratulations Megan! Settell et al "In vivo vizualization of pig vagus nerve vagotopy using ultrasound." bioRxiv

January 2021